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Layered in shiny moon drop golden rain - I enjoy seeing her wear my blanket sill; as my finest silk rivers flow through her valleys and hills. -her mystique gently whispered and vague.


Just another day... Waking up, no desire to stay; tears where my head lays Waking from that somber pad Cry so hard; Am I mad? All these days, oh so sad


I am you as you are me ...and of Him you will be Not as what I’ve seen To be my best just for you; here with the past traveled through

Desert Rose

Upward you spring in sunshine's grasp, reaching for stars amassed. Drinking waters of the river's flow, beauty bountiful and so grows.


no need for life nor 'morrow solitude is the familiar face of sorrow i welcome the enemy i know so well and those friends which don't hear the secrets i tell