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CORAZON Was it a dream, or the Hope of your tender hands raising me from the lonely pit. The thought of why my heart beat so. Could it be that dream of you and I in flight? A dream, meant to be dreamt night upon night.

As You Spoke

As you spoke; As I listened. My thoughts beckoned: -Are you the muse I've dreamt for so long? -Your speech, a bird's song. A smile, a musical scale for my eyes to dance upon!

Life’s complexities

They start like snowflakes tumbling down a hillside. As each moment fades into the past, it develops into a bigger, more powerful, and out of control monster. By the hillside, I looked up, afraid to be engulfed! Before I knew what had happened I saw it melting away into sweet vapors and nothingness. I asked why? What saved me?