A cold dew settled 'er weathered face,  and long since they knew o'doting or such taste;     was a long fought look,              a trove found hence when note!


Deep steeped in moon's light sky full a starry summer's night. Muse formed by photon dust,  sliding in on glitter's gust


Rising tide and crimson light,  mustered thoughts  with each beat of heart - stand to fight,  in hopes to reach the summit. Ought!


People cheer and jeer! So loud! Hoping for its end; a longing for that solitude. A yearn and crave for that sole dark place... just can't hear myself! ELPH© January 2, 2017

Mortal Coil

ponder my time on this coil...  lost and old... don't care... just stop and fold... squandered, lost with failing prayers and blind angels... all the hope and time, from boy to man... seeking all cowardly angles and off to a lonely isle... man to old... isolation welcomed... ELPH© December 31, 2016


...solace present and center all else after... ...present and center, when? in the solace after... ELPH© December 16, 2016


Why so, if she does all, want me o'so meek... For all desire to boast humbly chest'n high... A compliment for her maiden in the least... Maiden from time gone by, now master over I... Maiden o' so sweet, your gallant awaits your feast... But so only a true maiden with her gallant, I... Never her who is much too great for I! ELPH© February 9, 2015