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"Forgiveness allows you to heal virtually any psychological, emotional, spiritual, and sometimes even physical, wound that you imagine has been inflicted upon you. Forgiveness is a great healer. You can literally forgive your way to health. You can forgive your way to happiness." ~ Neale Donald Walsch


Mommy and daddy pray and hope, happy to tell of their little girl. Of her first day in kindergarten, then quickly of her teen years and first crush; eyes gleaming at the thought. Joy thinking of her first dance; to the prom with Lance. He's lucky to have such pretty lass. Such a gentleman, or so they thought, as they picked up their baby from another stop. I cried - ashamed of what I did; "Thought he'd love me, it's what he said". "My parents' baby I am no more..." "I should have died, not the baby I adore". God forgive me, he forced my hand... Threats to tell my mom and dad. May He give me the will to live, perhaps someday I will deserve the love I give. Until then, I'll barely get by, seeing my baby in every child's eyes. ELPH© December 4, 2011